How to Order – KyRoS Straps Contact Me | kyRoS straps
How to Order – KyRoS Straps Contact Me | kyRoS straps
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Feel Free to Contact Me

How to Order

I don’t have any straps in stock. All kyRoS straps are created upon order. Every single strap is customized to its owner.Browse my strap series and make your choice or I will be happy to help you choose the strap that fits best to you; it will be my pleasure.


I can make my straps in any size. Tell me your strap size (length, width) or send me your wrist size and your watch model.

Email for Orders

Please feel free to send me email at


I accept only PayPal. Paypal fees are always on my side. You can pay me in USD or EUR.


Free shipping everywhere in the world with Registered Airmail.