About Me | kyRoS straps
About Me | kyRoS straps
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About Me


kyRoS straps are 101% handmade by me using only premium leathers and traditional techniques. Each step of the manufacturing process is completely handmade (handcutting, handstitching, hand-aged and so on). Every strap is unique due to the handmade non-machined production.

Strap making is my passion. I find great pleasure in offering my customers exceptional handmade straps of the highest quality leathers. I take great care in using only premium leathers that many of them believe me are very rare - low production from small traditional tanneries. My philosophy is that the best possible quality of raw materials combined with a true passion for creating handmade straps can make art.

101% Handmade

Handcutting, handstitching, hand-aged.

Premium Raw Materials

Highest quality leathers, top of the crop handmade buckles and premium threads.

Traditional Techniques

Non-machined production with traditional hand tools and methods, saddle hand stitching only.